Welcome to Start Kung Fu

Here you'll find information about WT Martial Arts, the WT Worldwide Organisation, WT Instructors and most importantly how to begin the journey into the unique system of WingTsun Kung Fu for you and your family.

This site will provide you with information about clubs in Kent, Essex and the South East

The WingTsun System

WT is the complete system covering all of the 5 ranges in unarmed selfdefence, which are:

  • Kicking - Longest unarmed range
  • Punching - Most common range
  • Elbows & Knees - Closer than punching
  • Grappling - Shortest stand-up range
  • Anti-Ground Fighting - Groundwork

Friendly classes

Catering for any age or level of fitness, our classes in Gravesend and Dartford are a great place to learn martial arts in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Our highly qualified instructors coach children to develop confidence, team work, discipline and conflict resolution.

Call Sifu Damion James on 08000 190947 or 07778 667942 for class information and to book your free introductory lesson to experience WingTsun for yourself.