Head of the UK - Master Damion James

Master Damion James (left) with Grandmasters Oliver Konig and Thomas Schron, and Sifu Warren Ash

(left to right) Master Damion James  with Grandmasters Oliver Konig and Thomas Schron, and Sifu Warren Ash

Sifu Damion James is head instructor for England and 4th Level Master reporting to EWTO head Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht. Sifu Damo has been teaching since 1996 is highly respected for both his Martial Arts aptitude and his personal, friendly nature.

Sifu Damo has always been involved with Martial Arts and has been fascinated by the whole way of life that the culture develops and as such was always looking for the opportunity to train. The age old problem was either cost or the fact that Martial Arts clubs tended to close down.

He began his early Martial Arts at the age of 6 years, where he spent a short time training Budokan.

At the age of 12 he found Kyokushinkai which he trained for over a year.

His final quest before WC/WT came at the age of 14, which took him into Boxing. He continued this for four years and still has a soft spot for it today!

Finally at the age of 19 he found Wing Chun, which he started with private lessons for the first three months before joining in a regular class. Sifu Damo was the typical obsessed Martial Artist and has always trained at least four times a week, and regularly travels to Germany to train with GM Kernspecht and Grandmaster Oliver Konig.

After only 1 year of training Sifu Damo was awarded the privilege of becoming an Instructor under the NWCA and opened his first club in Dartford, which is still running today. Whilst with the NWCA a selection of students and instructors were invited to compete in the Chi Sao section of the “World Open Martial Arts Tournament”. Sifu Damo won the Silver Medal.

In 1998 the NWCA merged with the worlds largest martial arts organisation and became the NWTO-GB, bringing new and exciting opportunities for Sifu Damo to enhance his standard tenfold. 

With the merger came the introduction of Latosa Esrima. Sifu Damo began training and after 8 months of training he went to Copenhagen to enter in the World Escrima Championship and won a Bronze medal.

In addition to Martial Arts Damion has always been an avid sportsman, playing Tennis, Cricket for Kent, International Hockey, Distance Running, Weight Training, Swimming, Cycling etc etc… At school he was even nicknamed “Sport Billy” because of his huge interest in sport.

Private lessons are available, please contact Damion for details.